• The Theater and Literature

    Theater :

    I love going to the theater, especially in the most beautiful theater of Paris (even if I do not live in my Paris, I have a member of my family who lives there)

    The theater, you'll tell me that it's just performances, famous plays, like Romeo and Juliet, I tell you that you're wrong the theater is more than that and yes, when you play a character in the theater one must think and be the character in all senses (eg the character).

    What I like most about the performances, I think it's the actor's games, I mean by that we would say that they are really the character that they put themselves in every sense of the terms in the characters that he interprets.

    Today, at the time of the arts, the definition of the art of the spectacle is more and more broad, so that the directors, do not hesitate to say that for there is theater, it Just have a place, a time, an act and the most important an audience.

    I think you all know Shakespeare, with my troupe we do a lot of representations on these texts that he wrote in the seventeenth century.


    Literature :

    I love literature

    Reading, going to the library and books!

    When I go to the library I do not like others, I read novels of more than 1000 pages, which shocks people saw my age especially Amanda as she can not read a book of more than 200 pages

    In addition to that to have the English language still in the text I ask if in the library where I go, the library to the books but in English

    The first time I asked for this, the librarian looked at me very oddly, but now she is used to

    I also love to write fanfictions and novels, yes I love it.


    Big Kisses, Cerise

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