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    Hi everyone, as promised here is the article that will talk about where my family lives (in which country), because yes I have a very large family, between 8 aunts, 10 uncle, 15 cousins ​​and 11 cousins. And yes it's huge already my father is the child of a very large family (4 sisters and 2 brothers) and my mother is not too many (2 sisters and 2 brothers). Let's get into the subject:


    In England :


    A large part of my family lives there, my grandparents, several cousins, aunts and uncle, but some live in Ireland, some in Wales and a large part in England.


    In France :


    Ben in France I just have an aunt who lives here in France but because she is married to a uncle who is French since always. After that, if there is nobody else I ever see this auntie, if at Christmas 


    In the USA :


    Yes, in the United States I have cousins ​​but also cousins ​​who have been living there forever I think, already I have cousins ​​who live not far from New York (I am twice in New York c is so beautiful!) After I have an aunt, a cousins ​​and two cousins ​​who lives near Los Angeles and a uncle and a cousin who lives near Las Vegas and to finish the best, I have a uncle who hahite to 5 min. from Hollywook! The chance I have to have a family like I have!


    Other countries :


    I do not have any other family member who lives anywhere other than the places I mentioned, but if I'm not mistaken I have a cousin now 28 years old who told me that he will want to go live in Spain but I think I'm wrong (well, I hope so)



    And here you know a little better where my family is in the world, if you go through my family here are a few words for you:


    "I love you, you are the best family in the world!"


    Big Kisses, Cerise

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