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    Hi, everyone, in this FAQ I'm going to talk about me I think you do not know me like I think, so here's a FAQ about me (I had a lot of questions about this topic so I did not that took 10 questions as usual)


    1. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

    I have a big brother and two little sisters (who have their own blogs)


    2. How do you decry yourself?

    I am impatient, hardworking, serious, organized, friendly, always kind.


    3. What is your best friend's name?

    On Eklablog it's Hakiko (> _ <) and in my school it's my Ysee


    4. Your favorite animal?

    It's the cat, I love cats!


    5. Your favorite color?

    Pink, blue, red, yellow and purple (the colors of my blogs what!)


    6. Your music that you listen to all the time?

    The music I'm listening to all the time right now is I think Miku Hatsune's "World's End Dancehall"


    7. The person you hate the most?

    I will not name, but I will call her Miss I (I think you know who her friends are)


    8. Do you prefer your father or mother?

    My father, for a lot of reason, but I still love my mother


    9. Do you prefer Anna or Amanda?

    I like both a lot even if Amanda sticks me a lot I love them as much as the other


    10. In which college / high school are you going?

    Question too personal, I can not tell you but I can say that it is in the South of France here!


    That's it, I'll see you next time for a new article

    Big Kisses, Cerise

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