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    Hello, people, me, it's Cerise. And I was born on May 22nd, 2003.

    I am a girl a little special, I am a girl French - English and yes I lived in England until the 8 years old.

    Now I live in the South of France not too far I find the Mediterranean Sea. I do not really talk about me, but just a little ...

    I love mangas for a long time (my favorite manga is Kamichama Karin, if you know) and I love Japan too, I love everything which is science fiction and horror film.

    If you want to know, Here is my space, where I share the stuff I like but also many other things! You will find animated and manga, but also my drawings and your drawings, as well as presentations of video games and finally my travels, my vlogs if you prefer. I hope you find what you are looking for on my blog and that you are going a lot or even just a little liking my job. I now have more than 5 blogs, each one with a totally different theme ^^. I also have my best friend who opened a blog on Eklablog: Ma Kawaii Ysee (if you know, well you know it's my best friend) I also have another best friend on Eklablog: my Hakiko Kawaii for those who know it too ^^, I also advise you to follow them if you are registered on Eklablog because it's just awesome girls! I love literature (my favorite author is Zola and you?), I also love dancing but especially make mistakes with Ysee, yes Ysee and I are the number one bullshit! But between Ysee and me is Ysee the worst, well yes she was fired from his college last year, she was arrested by the police and still full of stuff! (I'm not lying to ask him it's true, even that cousin will say it's true, it's Dia de Dia and Miki, she is too nice this girl!)

  • England is a great love story.

    Why England is still my homeland, the place where I lived more than 8 years, the place where I grew up and where I spent my childhood.

    England is not just a country for months, it's like my second home. England is more than beautiful to me, in my eyes it's like a person, a beautiful person and very beautiful.

    But the most beautiful city in England still remains the capital with all the magnificent monuments, the wonderful park, and wonderful shops.

    I'm going to stop because there's so much new stuff to say!


    Big Kisses, Cerise

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  • Hi everyone, as promised here is the article that will talk about where my family lives (in which country), because yes I have a very large family, between 8 aunts, 10 uncle, 15 cousins ​​and 11 cousins. And yes it's huge already my father is the child of a very large family (4 sisters and 2 brothers) and my mother is not too many (2 sisters and 2 brothers). Let's get into the subject:


    In England :


    A large part of my family lives there, my grandparents, several cousins, aunts and uncle, but some live in Ireland, some in Wales and a large part in England.


    In France :


    Ben in France I just have an aunt who lives here in France but because she is married to a uncle who is French since always. After that, if there is nobody else I ever see this auntie, if at Christmas 


    In the USA :


    Yes, in the United States I have cousins ​​but also cousins ​​who have been living there forever I think, already I have cousins ​​who live not far from New York (I am twice in New York c is so beautiful!) After I have an aunt, a cousins ​​and two cousins ​​who lives near Los Angeles and a uncle and a cousin who lives near Las Vegas and to finish the best, I have a uncle who hahite to 5 min. from Hollywook! The chance I have to have a family like I have!


    Other countries :


    I do not have any other family member who lives anywhere other than the places I mentioned, but if I'm not mistaken I have a cousin now 28 years old who told me that he will want to go live in Spain but I think I'm wrong (well, I hope so)



    And here you know a little better where my family is in the world, if you go through my family here are a few words for you:


    "I love you, you are the best family in the world!"


    Big Kisses, Cerise

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